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November 22, 2014. 

Cyn's Reviews
4 stars
Rock My Christmas
by Laura Kitchell

This was a cute Christmas read about two people finding what they really want in life. They come to find what they thought they wanted wasn’t what they wanted at all. Both have a lot to learn in this short sweet read. We are reminded again what love is all about.

Kendel has plans, but first she wants to live a little, sow a few wild oats and then she will be ready to settle down to a boring job, husband and 2.5 kids. What she finds is one hot guitarist who hates women and wants nothing to do with them. He gets a little too close, and she has a few secrets that will blow his mind. Will Kendel find what she truly wants isn’t what she thought she did?

Burn is one hot guitarist who has had his fill of women who use him for his money. He needs a personal assistant but is demanding a man. His best friend’s assistant just handpicked one for him, in walks Kendel and he isn’t having anything to do with it. He plans to make her life hell and maybe she will go away.

Sparks fly with these two. From the start, they are at each others' throats as words fly and attraction is a must. This was a humorous read that kept me chuckling as the author brings together a cute story of what we thought we wanted and what we really want isn’t the same. Can two hearts come together to find true happiness? Can two people learn to trust each other when both are very much against the thought of love for all the wrong reasons? Maybe the wrong reasons are the right ones. And what the heck could Burn be hiding in that room of his?


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